Will your stock rise or fall?
The most probable answer can be found using data science.

The Profit Map™ is an invaluable and indispensable tool for investment professionals because it allows users to examine exactly how their assumptions about a company’s future revenues and earnings, if correct, will impact the exact future price on their future dates of sale.

While predicting the future price of a stock is absolutely impossible, the Profit Map™ allows users to determine a stock’s exact future price based on the user’s inputs of 5 financial criteria. That is all one needs to know the exact future price of a stock. These 5 factors are:
1) Future revenue growth
2) Future profit margin
3) Future price to sales ratio
4) Future price to earnings ratio
5) Future date of sale

Initially, investment professionals to whom we’ve presented this method of analysis were incredulous and found it hard to believe. However, once they were informed of the specific mathematics that prove the analysis, they found the Profit Map™ to be invaluable and indispensable to their investment decision-making.

Warning: The accuracy of any price forecast depends entirely on the accuracy of your estimates of these five variables. You must be right on all five, or your price calculation may vary significantly from the actual future price.

Equity Risk Sciences has and can provide investment professionals with data, including the historical precedents for any assumptions that are needed to make future price estimates. We humbly and strongly suggest that you review all historical data for the statistical precedents for your assumptions on a company’s future growth and future valuation metrics.