If you do not sell your holdings today, when will you sell them?
Do you know if your stocks have a greater probability of rising than their probability of falling?
How do you KNOW that?
How do you measure RISK?

Are you convinced by Wall Street salespeople (who will never tell you to sell, no matter how high the risks are, because they’re compensated ONLY to the extent that they have convinced you to keep you fully invested, at all times, regardless of the risks).

Maybe you will hold stocks until they crash and you’ve lost 40% or even 60% of your savings. How do you know that the next 18 years will not be just like the 18 from 1964 through 1982? How can you possibly know that the future holds more promise of gains than potential grave losses?

We do not know the answers to any of these questions. However, WE KNOW HOW TO MEASURE RISKS. And based on our measurements, the risks have never been higher. You can sell today and be safe and secure, or you can be greedy, like Wall Street always is, and get crushed in the next crash.

Am I clear?